Search for other like-minded adventurers based on your favorite activities & skill levels or by your favorite locations.



Start discussions and get advice from people in your are on topics ranging from beta, food, gear, locations, & safety.



FInd new friends to connect with who share the same passions and love for the outdoors.



Find new friends & adventure buddies to get outside and enjoy your favorite activities with.


How It Works

Search Based on Activity & Skill Level


What sets Adventurocity apart from other apps is that it allows you to search for other people to get outside with based on your favorite activities and your skill level for those activities

Select from numerous activities (more being added constantly) and skill levels ranging from beginner to expert

Adventurocity displays the people who have the most activities in common with you at the top in order to make it easy to find your perfect adventure buddy

Get to know people by checking out their top 5 favorite adventures, top 5 bucket list adventures, and all time favorite outdoor moment

Search for people within close proximity or up to a 100 mile radius


Search Based on Favorite Place


Adventurocity also sets itself apart by giving you the ability to find other fellow adventurers based on your favorite activities and your favorite places to do those activities

Have a favorite place you like to ski or surf?  Adventurocity has the ability to pin your favorite locations and view the number of other people who also favorited that location

Adventurocity also gives people the ability to view only the locations they have favorited in order to see who else has favorited those locations

This feature has a ton of potential and is intended for people who are either new to an area or are looking to explore new places  in their area


Post Discussions


Ever wanted to get beta on a particular climb or get recommendations for a new sleeping bag?  That’s where this feature comes in handy

Discussions can be created for a number of different topics, ranging from beta to food to gear

Discussions can either be posted exclusively to your friends or to the general public within a 100 mile radius

LIkewise, discussions can either be filtered to friends only, public, or all discussions

This is one of our best features and is intended for people to post useful information and help educate one another on any number of topics


Find Adventures


Last, but certainly not least, is the ability to find and post adventures in order to get outside and connect with new friends

New to an area or looking for others to join you on an upcoming adventure? This is the perfect place to do that

Form your adventure crew by posting adventures and allowing friends to join you

Solo adventures are definitely great and all, but a little extra company can make all the difference, and that’s where this feature comes into play


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January 3, 2021

Hello world!

Welcome to Adventurocity! We hope you love the app and cannot wait to share many stories and experiences along the way. Tune into our blog to hear from us and what we’re up to. We hope to hear from you and value your feedback. Please reach out to us with any questions. Cheers!

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